Is imitation a form of inspiration? Not according to Erin Adams. She’s been named Chrysler’s innovator of the year in addition to reinventing the stained glass industry. When it comes to creating beautiful artisan tile, Erin doesn’t copy anyone or anything. She gets copied.

Raised by a mother in the arts, she spent her time studying folk art and native folk environments. It was a natural transition into mosaicking for Erin. From humble beginnings of curiosity, to world-renowned tile designer takes clear and unwavering vision. Her secret? It’s simple. Never copy anyone, and do only what has never been done before.

Although she calls Austin, Texas, her home, Erin is a global player. Her artisan tile mosaics have been featured in countless magazines and TV shows. They also grace the homes of A-list celebrities including Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, and Cameron Diaz to name a few.

Erin is a materials junkie. When you draw inspiration from anywhere, your materials come from anywhere. She prefers to work with LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) companies to create her award winning tile designs from recycled and reclaimed materials. Since she is like an ATM for design, she needs to work with multiple companies to keep up with her talent. But, she humbly claims that she hasn’t reached mastery level just yet.

To her, true authenticity is to draw inspiration within a clear channel from the universe. To trust your own muse, and not simply repeat what’s already worked for someone else. When actions speak louder than words, Erin reminds us that innovation doesn’t just take inspiration, it takes integrity.

Check out, and see why her design is so celebrated.