When it comes to selfless devotion for the skate community, Vina is alpha. He channels his tireless energy and optimism to inspire underprivileged youth. Focusing the tenacity of the skateboard lifestyle, his Next Up Foundation is not only helping kids improve as skaters, but aspire to be citizens of true character.

Born in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, young Vina pieced together his first skateboard. He was instantly hooked. Watching 411’s Video Magazines would only fuel his thirst for skateboard culture. After volunteering for his friends skateboarding program for juvenile jails in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Vina dreamed of bringing his own program to California.

By 2010, he introduced the Next Up Foundation to Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Anaheim. It bridges life lessons imbedded in skateboarding; with common obstacles youth may struggle to overcome. Teaching the virtues of determination both on, and off the board. He considers Next Up’s positive impact on kids to be his greatest accomplishment.

A dedicated mentor, Vina is the life-blood that keeps Next Up moving forward. Within only 400 sessions, his non-profit foundation has already influenced over 12,000 kids. And, it’s only getting bigger. He is currently expanding his foundation with a relentless online campaign. Be sure to check it out.

To Vina, authenticity is making your ideas and desires a reality; without regard for profitability or approval. Only your values and morals will bring you happiness. That being said, if making a difference is the currency of success, then Vina is truly rich.