Company to collect used and broken skateboards from athletes as part of their “I Ride I Recycle” program

Orange County, CA — June 25, 2014 — Art of Board (AOB) announced today they will be a part of the 2014 Dew Tour in Ocean City Maryland. This year’s tour will take place from June 25-29 and will feature the world’s best athletes in the sports of skateboard and BMX. Art of Board’s creative director and legendary professional skateboarder, Mimi Knoop, will represent the company at the event.

In addition to showcasing several new pieces from their growing apparel collection, Art of Board is asking skaters at the Dew Tour to consider donating their broken or used skateboards to their signature “I Ride I Recycle” movement. “I Ride I Recycle” aims to challenge the negative perception some people have of skateboarding by promoting environmental responsibility for riders. The program embraces sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing by reusing wood waste and broken decks from unused skateboards.

“We’re really excited to be a part of this year’s Dew Tour,” said Art of Board Co-founder, Bruce Boul. “At our core, most of our employees are just huge fans of action sports, so we feel incredibly honored to be part of a tour that attracts so many big names in the industry.”

Having won 5 X Games medals, Knoop is one of the top female vert/bowl skateboarders in the world. Since officially turning pro in 2003, she has won titles at some of the world’s most prestigious bowl contests, including Protec Pool Party. Throughout her career, Knoop has helped cultivate the sport for women by co-founding ‘The Alliance’ and by creating one of the leading skateboard brands for girls, ‘hoopla skateboards’.

“I’m honored to have been asked to participate in this year’s Dew Tour as an athlete, but even more excited to be able to represent Art of Board and their sustainability movement, I Ride I Recycle, at the event,” said Art of Board’s Creative Director, Mimi Knoop. “It’s an amazing opportunity to spread the word throughout the skateboarding community and show action sports fans that you can enjoy your favorite hobby and be environmentally-friendly while doing so.”


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About Art of Board

Art of Board is a lifestyle and design brand that embodies the creative spirit, freedom and individuality of skateboarding. Art of Board-brand hard and soft goods pay homage to a used skateboard deck’s scratches, gouges and worn graphics – capturing the true soul of skateboarding. Creators of the first-ever skateboard recycling movement, I Ride I Recycle allows skateshops, parks, board manufacturers and individual riders to be part of the brand’s designs by recycling their skateboards instead of tossing them in the trash. The brand’s goal is to keep wood waste out of landfills, support skateshops and parks, and empower youth. By purchasing Art of Board products, customers become part of the movement and help the brand to support various action sports charities. For more information, visit